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Noodle Eating Contest 2015


On August 21, 2015

AT Ruan Thai Restaurant

215 W 12 St Ogden UT 84404

Tel: 801-392-4499 E-mail:

We’re having a contest on August 21 to see who can eat 2 pounds of Thai noodles faster than anyone else* in 10 minutes.

The person who can finish eating 2 pounds of noodles first, will win a gift-coupon for a free dinner (for one person) plus we’ll put your photo on our restaurant wall and on our Facebook page as our first official noodle champion. If you do not finish noodle pay us 10 $.

If you want to participate in this contest, please let Neng or Manop know, so they can write your name on the contestant list.

Time start: 7 pm- 9pm

Bring 3 people with you and get 15% off of your entire order**.

(Meat choice: chicken, beef, pork, Vegetables, Tofu)


*To participate in our contest, you must sign a waiver holding Ruan Thai Restaurant harmless from any claims or responsibility if you experience some kind of adverse condition or health-related issues due to consuming so much food during our contest. By signing the waiver, you understand that you are solely responsible for any bills related to any medical assistance you may require if you have a negative reaction and subsequent medical condition occur, as a result of participating in our contest.

**15% off applies only if you bring 3 more people who each order a meal that is worth at least $9.99.

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